Tuesday, 28 April 2009

This is how you take a photograph

Every now and again i stumble across a photographers work that really humbles me.

to be honest it happens alot and i had that experience again today when i found lou mora's website.

He has some amazing portrait shots and he contrasts the shots beautifully in their compositions.

take a look for yourself.

McCann Metro

McCann Erickson are now in the Northern Quarter..
recently Ive been creating visuals for in house presentations encapsulating the buzz and potential that MECH hopes will be provided from the new Metro office in the Northern Quarter.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Bashy has upped the levs

very good video produced and directed by digital sneakers who are new to me but i have them bookmarked now!!

This is the way this artist and other urban uk artists should be portrayed and shown in their videos. I dont imagine it was a huge budget but the guys behind the camera knew what they where doin and the finished piece looks slick, well thought out and it oozes uk swagger.

tough thing to pull off but now the scene has something to aim for and better.